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Nutritional Therapist

I’m a Mum with two children, now teenagers. One of my children was born with a disability and some special needs, so I have a particular heart for anyone else who is walking that walk.  I’m also a single mum, so I appreciate what it’s like to be stretched!

However, I know too many of us have a similar story; of being pulled in all directions, with no time for ourselves and often under stress. So my passion is to come alongside those people and show them how to incorporate healthy eating into their busy lives and support their overall health.

I love encouraging people to try healthy foods, especially those who wouldn’t normally! We also see a lot of people in the shop who are keen to eat right and take the right supplements but who are completely confused by all the information out there, so it’s great helping those people find what’s right for them as an individual.

I have a love of teaching so have been  doing nutrition talks, which I thoroughly enjoy. The talks have been to a variety of people, ranging from Corporate companies and local businesses, through to smaller organisations and the general public.  It is such a pleasure to be able to give people practical tips and advice, to help them support their health.