Resolve to Better Health

We know it’s tempting to dive in to a detox at this time of year or embark on a strict diet after all the festivities! However, so often we just fall back in to old habits afterwards, or we find it too difficult to stick to new health plans in the first place, leaving us no further forward with our health!

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Festive Digestive!

As the festive season starts don’t forget to support your digestion! With all the rich food, over eating and extra alcohol, it’s easy to suffer with indigestion, bloating or gas, or even nausea, constipation and diarrhoea.

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Winter Wellness Check In!

2 sprigs or rosemary, half a lemon and a wooden honey spoon

Now we’re approaching the winter months, it’s a good time to support your immune system to keep you strong when sore throats, coughs and colds come along. We’ve already seen a lot of customers coming in with winter bugs, so with that in mind we’re offering everyone a FREE 15 minute Winter Wellness Check In, to help our customers stay healthy through the winter.

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Menopause with questionnaire

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Take our Questionnaire (below) and come in for a FREE 15 minute check in – to help us find the best product for you!

We are all unique and as such our experience of the menopause will also be! The average age for the menopause is between 45 and 55 yrs old. There are many symptoms which can occur, but the number and severity of these will vary from woman to woman.

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Travel and Holiday Tips

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Travel and Holiday Tips

Last year we wrote a blog on what to take during your summer holidays or on your travels, to keep you and your family healthy. So do take a look at that again to remind yourself! This summer we’re just adding a few extra tips!

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Prepare to Bare! Skin Health and Sunscreens

top half of a tanned woman wiht blond hair and black bikini, lying down looking to the side touching her sunglasses

Summer is here and it’s time to bare those legs and get the shorts and sun dresses out! Here are some top tips for healthy skin and preparing your skin for a healthy tan!

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Men’s Health

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This month we’re focusing on men’s health! In the shop we have some great products to support men’s overall health and wellbeing and this article will take a closer look at Male multi-vitamins and prostate health.

We also have our Registered Nutritional Therapists who are available to offer you advice instore, or in a consultation, about any of your health concerns, including:

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Sleep and Exam Stress!

Sleep! It’s so important for our health yet so many of us fail to get enough or at least enough quality sleep, which is what matters. Lack of sleep can have a huge impact on many areas of our health, and in particular stress! Talking about stress, this month sees the beginning of the exam period for many students. Feeling nervous before an exam is completely normal but for some it’s a time of severe stress and anxiety. Thankfully there is plenty we can do to support both sleep and stress levels.

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Natural Ways to Support Children and Adults with Hay Fever

The hay fever season is upon us again and for some it can be a miserable time but thankfully there are plenty of natural options to choose from.

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Spring Clean Your Health!

vegetables in a basket asparagus, tomatoes, avocado, pepper, lemon

Apart from the current flurry of snow, we have at last had some blue skies and snow drops, and now the daffodils are on their way! Spring is in the air! We have turned a corner from our wintry hibernation! This is the perfect time of year to think about weight loss, doing a cleanse, or just cleaning up your diet.

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