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Are you ready for winter? People are sneezing, coughing and complaining about sore throats? Lots of our customers find it beneficial to use Manuka Honey. Here is some interesting new research about the bees knees – Manuka Honey for other applications

A recent newspaper article (04/10/16) revealed someone using just 2 teaspoons of Manuka honey a day to ease her severe diarrhoea as a result of Crohn’s disease, managed to keep her symptoms at bay. The same article disclosed others successfully using Manuka honey topically on itchy flared eczema and burns to the skin caused by radiotherapy.

Latest research from the University of Southampton in the Journal of Clinical Pathology (27/09/2016) suggests that Manuka honey can be used for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Manuka honey is a honey produced in New Zealand from the nectar of the manuka tree which only flowers 2-6 weeks a year.

Since the 90’s, Manuka Honey has gained much attention for its unique antibacterial properties. The use of honey as a health remedy dates back centuries, and among other things, recent research suggests that it reduces a special substance called biofilm which is a community of bacteria and microorganisms.

In the study they used a solution of Committee’s Manuka Honey (3.3% to 16.7%) and distilled water to disinfect urinary medical equipment (such as catheters) in hospitals and found that even at the low dilution it restricted the occurrence of bacteria and the highest solution after 3 days of use, reduced the bacteria by 77%.

The discovery could transform safety for groups at particular risk of bacterial infections, such as the one-in-four hospital in patients who use a catheter, thousands of whom suffer urinary-tract and other infections each year.
Manuka Honey Uses
In your diet – Manuka is easy to incorporate into meals and snacks that help form a healthy diet. Whether you add a spoonful to breakfast smoothies, drizzle over muesli and leafy salads, or use it in your cooking, Manuka honey adds a touch of natural sweetness to most dishes.
For topical use – Comvita’s Medihoney Antibacterial Wound Gel can be applied to burns, cuts, grazes and eczema wounds. It is a specialised wound gel containing sterilised medical grade Manuka honey which promotes wound healing and reduces the risk of infection for broken eczema prone skin and skin splits.
Did you know that Manuka Honey is rated and the name UMF is used to certify its quality?

UMF® stands for ‘Unique Manuka Factor’. Only buy Manuka Honey which has this special UMF® grading which assures purity and quality.
The UMF quality trademark ranges from 5 upwards. The higher UMF a Manuka Honey has, the better antibacterial properties it has.
So come in and taste our unique Manuka Honey and grab your own! Be winter ready now.