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Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Run Reigate 10k and half marathon yesterday! You should all be extremely proud of yourselves, that’s such a fantastic achievement! I don’t know about you, but whenever I go to these events it always really inspires me to get more into my running again! In case anyone is feeling the same way, today we wanted to share  a little bit about one of our products that been very popular amongst runners. If you’re an avid runner, then you probably know about this already, but the product that we’re talking about today is BeetActive, which is a completely natural beetroot concentrate.

Why beetroot?

So, you might be wondering, why beetroot juice? Well, beetroot contains high levels of dietary nitrate, which has been shown in studies to improve endurance performance against a placebo. This therefore may be able to help you maintain a greater level of endurance for a greater length of time. This is because the nitric oxide can help to dilate the blood vessels and therefore help more oxygen be delivered to the muscles.


Why we like it?

There are lots of different sports drinks and supplements on the market, but we’re really loving this particular one because it’s so natural and comes from a vegetable! BeetActive don’t include any added sugars or chemicals in their product, so it’s completely beetroot based and therefore a great source of nutrients. If you’re not a fan of the beetroot flavour, it can easily be mixed into juices, smoothies and even porridge!

How to use it?

Ideally the BeetActive juices are designed to be taken before you do exercise (they also have a CherryActive product range for recovery afterwards) and this could be added into your drinks, smoothies, baking or simply taken on it’s own. If I’m going to be doing a long run, I like to make sure that I consume a good amount of carbohydrates the day before such as: brown rice, brown rice pasta, oats and sweet potatoes. I then always have a bowl of porridge in the morning and then a banana closer to the run. You could add the beetroot juice into your porridge or blend it together with the banana to create a sweet smoothie.