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Pots of Joy

My parents over in Kent are now in week 12 of completely shielding lockdown. Each of us kids have popped by for a distant wave and chat as

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Springing to life!

Everything has exploded into life, with our wild flower beds now a carpet of green. The nettles, mint and grasses have shot up to knee height overnight and

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Potato Day

Whether mashed, fried, roasted, chipped or sautéed I am a HUGE fan of potatoes. Today I have planted some new potatoes in the hope I will reap a

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Resident Wildlife

We adore seeing the local wildlife and have taken to recording our local spots whilst at the allotment and on hill walks around Reigate. This little frog was

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Getting Started!

Work started last weekend with a big tidy up. Having been a little neglectful over the last few months our allotment resembled something of a wild meadow (which

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