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Light, crunchy and sweet…..the perfect snacktime treat!

About 50g of popped Popcorn
3tbsp coconut oil, melted
250g cacao butter, melted
50g cacao liquor, melted
2tbsp coconut sugar, melted
3tbsp chia seeds
A handful chopped dates
A handful of omega seed mix

1. Mix all your dry ingredients
2. Pour in all your wet ingredients
3. Mix well to combine
4. Let all the mix cool for 15 minutes and stir to combine again
5. Press firmly into a lined baking tray/cake tin
6. Set in fridge until firm (about half an hour)
7. Slice and serve!

You can add more fibre with flax seed, or more protein with nuts. Either would be very tasty. I have just been told this is my best make yet! High praise indeed!

All ingredients from Infinity Foods, and Biona