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I wanted  to write a small piece about Clearspring because I have been using one of their amazing products for the last year and a bit and I love it, and this week I see they are celebrating 28 years of business.

The dream of the founder was to share amazing Japanese products with the world and I for one would probably not have been introduced to matcha green tea powder if it weren’t for Clearspring. 

Not all matcha powders are the same and Clearspring matcha comes from Uji, a region of high hills in Japan renowned for producing the best Japanese teas. Their matcha powder is ceremonial grade meaning they use the finest, smallest, shade grown leaves from the very top of the tea bush.

Clearspring is a family business started back in 1993 and is committed to pioneering authentic Japanese specialities and organic fine foods.  Their core belief is that everyone should have easy access to quality organic food to eat well. Christopher Dawson the CEO, wanted to find foods he would be happy to give to his children and at the same time supporting and sustaining organic agriculture and traditional food cultures. He first went to Japan in 1979 and was so impressed with the way the people had learnt how to get maximum nutrition from the vegetable kingdom that he wanted to share that with the world. 

I love the small part of that world that Clearspring have introduced to me through matcha powder and have started using their brown rice miso paste combined unusually maybe with bone broth to give a real wholesome full of goodness hot drink.  The beauty of both Clearspring products I am using is that you only use a small amount each time, its quality over quantity. 

One of our top sellers in store is Clearspring Tamari sauce which is the wheat free version of soy sauce. An early introduction to Clearspring comes from the lovely duo pots of organic fruit purees which little ones and adults enjoy- work well when recipes require just a small amount of  apple puree. 

There are 260 Clearspring products, sadly we don’t have space to stock them all but we do stock the key ones and the rest can be ordered through our special order service for items we don’t hold in store.  Do look at the Clearspring website, it is an inspiring read. You can see my matcha tea video and a few of the Clearspring products we have on line and in store below.  Happy 28th Birthday Clearspring! 

Creating the perfect brew

Enjoy a Matcha morning with Clearspring at sunrise.

Add 1/4 teaspoon of Clearspring matcha to your favourite cup, whisk with about 2 tablespoons of warm water. 

Heat up your milk of choice and pour over the matcha.

Feeling inspired? Take a look at our full range of Clearspring products, as well as a few handpicked products from our Taste of Asia range by clicking here.