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So, for last of our vegan recipes this month I thought I would share with you these curried chickpea salad wraps. For me, preparation really is key for staying healthy at work or on the go, and these wraps can be prepared the night before, ready for you to take with you before dashing out the door in the morning. Beans and pulses are a great meat substitute when leading a plant based diet and they’re also such vestal ingredients too. Chickpeas are actually one of my personal favourites and believe it or not, can actually be used in both savoury and sweet recipes. Yep, you read that right.. chickpeas work really well in sweet dishes too! Some of my favourites include chickpea cookie dough and blondies! But more on those later!

These wraps are so simple to prepare and are absolutely packed with flavour from the fragrant curry spices and fresh, crisp salad. The wraps that I’ve used here are a really popular product in store and are made by a brand called Mountain Bread. They offer a variety of different blends including: rice, spelt, chia and rye. They’re made from all natural ingredients and whilst they’re not actually gluten free, I personally don’y find that they cause me any problems as they’re mostly made from ancient grains- but that’s just me personally. I find with a lot of products like this, it’s really trial and error for me to find what works and what doesn’t.



1/2 can chickpeas

1/4 red onion- finely diced

Tsp coconut aminos or tamari sauce



Salt and pepper

Tsp fresh lemon Juice

1 Mountain wraps rice wrap

1/4 tsp mild curry powder- can add more or less depending on your taste



Wash and drain your chickpeas and add them into a bowl along with the red onion. Mash everything together with a fork to create a thick, chunky paste like mixture.

Add in the lemon juice, coconut aminos and curry powder and season to taste with salt and pepper. Mix well.

Start layering your wrap at one end with the spinach, then your chickpea mix and finally some cucumber slices. You could also add in some avocado or tomatoes if you would like. Carefully roll the wrap and cut in half. Storing these in foil is a great way to avoid them breaking or the filling falling out!