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A deliciously tasty Nut Loaf from Tanya, perfect for a veggie packed feast! 🥜

Topping – 2 chopped onions
50g coconut oil
125g chopped apricots
200g chestnuts chopped
8 chopped sage leaves
100g ground almonds
Salt and pepper

Cook off ingredients except the ground almonds until soft.
Once topping ingredients are soft add the ground almonds and press the topping mixture firmly into the bottom of a prepared loaf tin.
Soak 3 TBSP of chia seeds in 6 TBSP of lemon juice.
For the next layer, chop 3 medium onions and cook in coconut oil.
Add 750g pulsed mushrooms and cook.
Add salt 🧂 pepper and thyme to your dish and allow to simmer.
In another pot boil 185g quinoa until soft.
Add quinoa to to your mushrooms and onions and stir in 50mls of white wine.
Cook until soft and liquid had cooked through.
Add 100g pine nuts 🥜
100g pistachio nuts 🥜 to your mixture.
Add 125g almonds to your mixture and mix in the soaked chia seeds and then once throughly mixed through pour mixture into loaf tin.

Cook for 1 1/2 hours at 180.
Once cooked allow roast stand for 5-10 mins and flip over and serve with your favourite veg.