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Our four-legged friends are often all too happy to eat anything within reach (as anyone who shares their home with a Beagle or a Labrador will know all too well!)

To make sure they are getting the very best nutrition we have pulled together a short guide on key nutrients for the dogs that love us, and the cats that tolerate us being in their homes.

Good, natural food

For all round, wellbeing focussed, natural nutrition we stock the Scrumbles range of hypoallergenic cat and dog food. Scrumbles offers an affordable, good quality pet food that our four-legged customers love.

Scrumbles was developed by expert nutritionists, who experimented with recipes to create the optimal nutrition for cats and dogs that they also loved to eat. You will not see any non-named meat sources on the Scrumbles range, and they are all high protein and nutrient rich. It is good, natural food which offer a range of delicious gut-friendly, hypoallergenic cat and dog food that are all natural with zero nasties.

Health supplements

We know that many dogs and cats can become uncomfortable in later years with inflammation, aches and pains and joint discomfort so why not supplement their diet with either glucosamine, or omegas which may help support their joints?

Lamberts Chewable Glucosamine is a very popular choice for both dogs and cats. It is a unique combination of ingredients; glucosamine sulphate, vitamins C and E, and tastes just like beef so a very palatable chewy too!

Along with the glucosamine, the vitamin E contributes to the protection of the body’s cells from oxidative stress caused by reactive compounds called ‘free radicals’ and the vitamin C is a non acidic form (calcium ascorbate), that is kind to your pet’s teeth and gentle on their tummy. Each tablet can be added whole, crumbled over their food or even given to them as a treat!

For healthy, glossy coats you can add in some lovely oily fish to their diet but a slightly less smelly way of doing it is by way of the High Potency Omega 3s for Cats and Dogs from Lamberts.

The high level Omega 3s are much stronger than most pet shop brands, and a simple way to boost the omega 3 intake. These important fats will often be missing from ‘dry’ food diets as the omegas go rancid when exposed to air, they are also an expensive addition to dog and cat food so are not often present in pet foods.


These Omega 3 capsules will ensure your pet receives a regular intake of EPA and DHA fatty acids. Omega 3 products are routinely recommended by vets for both dogs and cats, and this product is an affordable way to improve your pets daily intake. Simply add the capsules to their food, the capsules can be pierced and the contents squeezed on to the food if necessary.