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Immune Health

When the immune system is working well, we don’t even notice it is there. If it stops working properly, we notice as we can become ill, or feel ‘under the weather’. This is because the immune system is there to protect our bodies from germs, harmful substances and cell changes, all of which can make us poorly. 

A weak immune system, or particularly aggressive germs can cause illness and this can result in colds, coughs, flu, viruses, parasites, fungi and bacterial infections amongst many other things.

There is lots you can do to support your immune health such as including lots of fresh vegetables in your diet, exercising regularly and avoiding over-processed foods, alcohol and refined sugar. Here are a few articles that you will find of interest in supporting yours and your families health.

Our registered Nutritional Therapists are available to talk through your specific needs and offer free advice and guidance. 

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