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Optimal Health Blood Clinic

A pre-consultation analysis of your GP or private blood test
results, followed by a 25-minute consultation.

Do your NHS blood results all look ‘fine’, but you’re still feeling under par?

NHS Blood Ranges

Only when your blood results fall outside of NHS ranges, do NICE guidelines call for your Dr to react and treat you, whether that be with further investigations or medication. NHS blood ranges are broad, which means that your Dr can only initiate next steps when they see a problem in your blood results, meaning that many people feeling unwell are only able to get help when they become unwell enough for their blood results to reflect it.


Optimal Health Blood Ranges

Functional Medicine (FM) blood ranges are targeted at optimal health, allowing us to help our clients sooner. As such FM laboratory ranges differ significantly to the NHS, allowing us to support wellbeing and investigate the root cause of symptoms such as fatigue, hair loss, reduced immune function, blood sugar imbalances, raised cholesterol, female hormone imbalances, thyroid function, low mood, anxiety. 



What happens during the consultation?

During your 25 minute consultation, I will go through your NHS, or privately tested laboratory blood results and identify any markers that may fall outside of FM optimal ranges. 


I will also look for patterns across your blood markers, which can provide me with more information on which direction to take for further investigation, as well as giving us a more comprehensive overview of your health. I will then provide you with advice on next steps to take, whether that be supplementation advice to address blood nutrient deficiencies (that may be contributing to your symptoms/ill health), a referral back to your GP for additional testing, or help in arranging additional testing via a private laboratory. 

Optimal Health Blood Clinic (OHBC)

Prices, from £47

A review of your blood test results, comprising pre-consultation analysis, and 25 minute consultation. Please note that if your blood test contains significantly more blood markers than a standard NHS Full Blood Count, prices will increase accordingly.

Please email me at abbie@ohbc.co.uk attaching your NHS or private blood test results and providing me with the following information:


·         Your date of birth

·         Health reason for requesting the initial blood test

·         Any medication you were taking at the time of the blood draw and weeks preceding it

·         Any supplements you were taking at the time of the blood draw and weeks preceding it

·         Whether or not you were fasted for the blood test


Upon receipt of your email I will then forward you my Privacy Policy, Terms of Engagement and Consent form for signature. I will also request payment prior to your consultation. 


Nb please check your junk/spam folder if you haven’t received a response from me within 7 days. 


Upon receipt of your signed documents and payment I will book you into the clinic, which takes place at Inside Out Health, Reigate, Surrey every Tuesday between 11.30am and 2pm. If this time or location doesn’t work for you, I am also happy to discuss a Zoom consultation.


Please note that this is not a nutritional therapy consultation and the 25 minute appointment will be strictly adhered to. A detailed nutritional therapy consultation can be arranged by emailing abbie@thrivenutritionalhealth.com


Abbie Rudman is a Registered Nutritional Therapist with a particular passion and interest in female hormone health. Abbie also sees clients with a wide range of digestive and hormone concerns, including conditions such as hypo & hyperthyroidism, Type 2 diabetes, PMS, menopause, acne, PCOS, gallbladder support/removal, benign prostate hyperplasia andstress-related conditions. You can find out more here.