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Whether mashed, fried, roasted, chipped or sautéed I am a HUGE fan of potatoes. Today I have planted some new potatoes in the hope I will reap a huge pile of delicious chips later this summer.

These new potatoes had been forgotten about at the back of our fridge, and as you can see have sprouted eyes. Although they are still safe to eat they are a little on the soft side for my liking so the allotment has become their new home.

First I halved the potatoes, making sure there were eyes on each half. You can plant them like that but if you leave them in the sun for about an hour they dry a little over the new flat edge.

The soil here at Park Lane is amazingly dark and rich in worms and cheesy bugs. I dug around 4 inches down and popped the tatties in flat side down, with eyes and skin upwards. I then covered them with the earth.

They need watering maybe every 4-5 days at first, but when they start showing through the soil they need to be kept as wet as possible. We are a few weeks from that yet though!