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My parents over in Kent are now in week 12 of completely shielding lockdown. Each of us kids have popped by for a distant wave and chat as often as we can (which I hope has cheered them up) but much of their joy has come from their garden.

A well established courtyard style garden which is always full of colour anyway, has absolutely flourished with the extra attention. The bird feeder is overrun with rather podgy starlings, great tits and blackbirds, while bushes are full of house sparrows. The resident hedgehog has ventured out to meet his landlords a few times and the field mice are enjoying extra scraps as laid on by my dad. The dog is making the most of it too, and has loved extended digging time. They have even had a little cat pop by, however this was not so pleasing to the dog, or the birds.

They have a sun trap of a garden, so herbs and veggies are flourishing! Here we have tomatoes, carrots, chard, lettuce and a mystery herb which have all grown in the last ten days. Pots at table level seem to be the way to keep these delicious plants safe from hungry wildlife.