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Our Pukka tea range – with it’s bright and beautiful packaging, and enormous range of flavours – is enjoyed by so many of our customers, none more so than Pauline who is likely our biggest Pukka fan! 

This week Pauline talks to us about her favourite Pukka Teas and why this range stands out from other herbal teas.

“I have been drinking Pukka Teas for quite a few years now.  I used to drink ‘normal’ tea and if someone had told be I would give it up for herbal teas I would not have believed them!  I do still drink it on occasions, especially with a full English breakfast when nothing else will do.

I never really got on with herbal teas in the past as I found them quite sweet and almost too fruity.  We started because my husband was advised to cut down on dairy and was having milk in both tea and coffee.  We tried various brands before coming across Pukka tea, although it was only really available in specialist health shops at the time, so I was very pleased to find a good range in Inside Out Health, when it was in the original shop in Cage Yard. 

Over the years we have developed quite a liking for a range of the teas. For an everyday drink ‘Original Chai’ is great, with its warming cinnamon, cardamon and ginger. It does have some black tea too so not suitable if you are caffeine free. ‘ supreme matcha green’ - whole leaf green tea with matcha, is also a favourite. Again not caffeine free, but green tea has great health benefits.

Other varieties that I enjoy, which are caffeine free, include ‘feel new’ – good after lunch, ‘elderberry & echinacea’ – a warming hug on a cold day. ’vanilla chai’ is great with that naughty piece of cake in the afternoon. We enjoy ‘after dinner’ or ‘three mint’ after our evening meal, and hardly ever go to bed without having a soothing cup of ‘night time’. 

I love all the colours of the sachets of tea, which are printed with vegetable based ink. We keep a selection in a basket by the kettle so it is easy to choose one when you need just the right tea for the moment. It is surprising how many friends and family have a look through the basket and are tempted to try them! As the tea is individually wrapped it is easy to take your favourite flavour when out for the day or when travelling. 

There are often promotional offers to get a free mug or storage tin so do look out for them in store. I have a little pouch that I use and was lucky to get a free Pukka tin when they were on offer a while back.

Pukka do a full range of other teas including traditional black and earl grey and there are many other flavours and selection boxes to try. They also have special teas for different times of life including pregnancy and menopause. They often complement other supplements that you are taking. It is worth talking to the staff at Inside Out to see if there is one to suit your needs and start you on your Pukka journey or have a look at the Pukka website.”

 – With thanks to Pauline for this great article, Pukka Tea & Me (January 2022)

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