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These brownies have been adapted from recipe by Erika from Love Live Raw. Nutritional Therapist Alison has created delicious brownies packed full of flavour and goodness.


1 cup hazelnuts 
8 large medjool dates – pitted 
3 tbsp raw cacao 

Topping (optional)
3-4 tbsp coconut oil 
2 tbsp raw cacao 
2 tbsp maple syrup 


  1. Blitz the hazelnuts in high speed blender until finely chopped.
  2. Add the dates and cacao.
  3. Mix again until you have a dough. If it seems dry, take it out and use your hands to mix into a ball.
  4. Press the  mixture into a square tin, lined with baking sheet.
  5. Put in fridge while making the topping.
  6. Melt the coconut oil in a small bowl that’s standing in a larger bowl of warm-hot water,
  7. Fold in the cacao and sweetener using a fork.
  8. Pour over the brownies and put back in fridge for a few hours (or 1hr freezer!)
  9. Take out and cut in squares or bars. Keep in fridge

You can also scatter them with nuts, nibs or chocolate buttons. These are beautiful served with strawberries or raspberries and coconut yoghurt.