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A good nights sleep can set you up for a productive and energised day, but many of us have trouble getting a full restful kip to recharge our batteries.

Trouble dropping off can be torture, especially as the clock ticks on and your mind is full of chores, worries, demands or traumas. If you do fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow perhaps you wake in the early hours and can’t get back into a deep slumber which can be super frustrating. Other people may find that just a few hours is all they can manage, and others none at all. Any of these troublesome sleep issues can cause havoc to our health both physical and mental.

Sleep is one of the key issues people come to us here at Inside Out Health about, seeking advice and hopefully a way to create a perfect 8 hours of deep rest. There are supplements and herbs that will aid a good night’s sleep but it is also massively impacted by lifestyle, your night time regime and sleep hygiene, nutrition, activity and of course your bed and surroundings.

Here we share some of our personal hints and tips, and you will see further down the page various articles and blogs that we and some of our brands have produced to help with the never ending quest for a good night’s sleep. You can speak to us about your sleep health buy clicking the link below to ask a health question.

Magnesium salt bath

Joanna says...

"A magnesium salt bath and a Pukka Night Time Tea usually work for me."

Ashwaganda for a stressful day

Alison says...

"Ashwaganda added to a small cup of heated milk (coconut/almond) if you have had a stressful day."

Take a magnesium supplement

Kate says...

"Night time routine:- teeth, pjs, cleanse face, take magnesium with After Dinner tea, read and lights out. Then, if I still can't sleep I will take L-Theanine & Lemon Balm = SLEEP"

A hot Epsom salt bath

Abbie says...

"A hot Epsom salt bath and cool well aerated bedroom (I always leave a window open)"

Regular Bedtime

Lucia says...

"A regular bedtime really helps me unwind in the evening and I can fully 'switch off' before bed."

Warm oat milk

Lucia says...

"Warmed oat milk half an hour before I go to bed relaxes me and helps switch off my mind"