Barley Grass Bliss Green Smoothie Bowl

Barley Grass Bliss Green Smoothie Bowl

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that you’ve all had a restful and enjoyable holiday period! Now that we’re into January and a fresh new year, we’re being bombarded with fad diets and extreme detoxes left right and centre and many people are out looking for that quick fix to get rid of some of the Christmas over-indulgences! Personally, I would not recommend diving straight into the nearest fad diet in an attempt to loose weight as quickly as possible, as this is less likely to be sustainable and is probably more un-healthy in the long run. How about, taking things slowly and focus on fuelling your body with nutrient dense, whole food ingredients, as well as trying to find food that you actually enjoy! After all, if you don’t enjoy what you’re eating or if it doesn’t make you feel good.. is that something that you’re going to want to continue long term?

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Spiced apple overnight oats with elderberry compote

So, now we’re well and truly getting into the Autumn spirit and pumpkins have started to make an appearance in the supermarkets. We will soon have some more festive recipes coming up and even a special halloween recipe too! For todays recipe, we’ve got a delicious spiced apple overnight oats with the beautiful flavours of cinnamon and nutmeg running through, as well as fresh, crisp green apple. To top it off and add an amazing burst of fruity flavour, why not try whipping up this super quick berry compote using one of our favourite products for this time of year: Lamberts Imuno-strength. We love this product and it’s actually great to include in recipes like this because it has a lovely berry flavour that works really well in fruity dishes like this one!

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Grain free coconut & quinoa granola

Fortunately for us, there is now a great selection of healthy breakfast cereals on the market to choose from, but I still love to get in the kitchen and prep my own batches of granola when I have time. For me, nothing beats the smell of home baking when you walk into the house and this just makes the whole kitchen smell absolutely incredible. The sweet aromas of the coconut are just heavenly!

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