Barley Grass Bliss Green Smoothie Bowl

Barley Grass Bliss Green Smoothie Bowl

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that you’ve all had a restful and enjoyable holiday period! Now that we’re into January and a fresh new year, we’re being bombarded with fad diets and extreme detoxes left right and centre and many people are out looking for that quick fix to get rid of some of the Christmas over-indulgences! Personally, I would not recommend diving straight into the nearest fad diet in an attempt to loose weight as quickly as possible, as this is less likely to be sustainable and is probably more un-healthy in the long run. How about, taking things slowly and focus on fuelling your body with nutrient dense, whole food ingredients, as well as trying to find food that you actually enjoy! After all, if you don’t enjoy what you’re eating or if it doesn’t make you feel good.. is that something that you’re going to want to continue long term?

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My vegan experience

As well as bringing you recipes and some more informative posts, I thought it would be a nice idea to share a bit about my experience with vegan foods and lifestyle and some of my thoughts and how it made me feel. I wanted to start off by saying that although personally I am not vegan, I do love vegan foods and lots of my favourite restaurants are in fact vegan. A large portion of the recipes that I make are also vegetarian and vegan dishes, as well as lots of raw vegan desserts. About 9 months ago, I decided that I wanted to try out eating a plant based diet for a few weeks, just as a little challenge and experiment for myself to see how I got on.

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Vegan store cupboard starter kit

Similarly to one of our previous posts about raw dessert cupboard essentials, I thought that it might be a nice idea to compile a little collection of some of the things that I think make up a good base for starting out on a vegan diet. Aside from fresh fruits and veggies, these things are great to make sure that you have in the kitchen cupboard and I find help me to be able to add that little something extra to a meal and insure that I’m always prepared! Some of these items are probably things that you already have at home and some might be a little more unusual. What’s great about lots of them is that they’re really versatile and can really help to transform your cooking and make food a little bit more exciting!

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Vegan Mexican inspired pasta salad

This is the perfect recipe for a mid-week meal or something that you can prepare on the weekend for a healthy and speedy lunch to take with you to work or school during the week. Pasta is a great dish to cook for the whole family and make in bulk batches. This particular dish is also completely vegan and also gluten free, made with brown rice pasta! This pasta from Rizopia is a fantastic gluten free option, as it’s made from natural ingredients and is 100% brown rice; so is therefore naturally gluten free. It’s also available in a variation of different shapes such as: spaghetti, penne and lasagne sheets.

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Double chocolate hazelnut cookies

When I was first starting to make healthy changes to my diet and lifestyle, one of the main things that I really missed was cookies! I was never a massive fan of having lots of desserts and didn’t really have a major sweet tooth, but cookies were something that I’ve always loved to accompany a good cup of tea! Different people have different preferences when it comes to the texture of a cookie.. a little bit like with cakes and brownies. Some people like cookies that are slightly more crisp and crunchy, whilst other people prefer a gooey, cookie dough kind of texture. These particular cookies are on the softer side with delicious chunks of raw chocolate and an amazingly rich and indulgent flavour from the cacao throughout.

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Halloween chocolate cups

I can’t believe how quickly this year is flying by and that it’s almost halloween already! Typically this is a day filled with lots of sweet treats and indulgence, which you can still enjoy with these slightly healthier little chocolate cups! Based on a peanut butter cup kinda’ creation, these raw chocolate cups are filled with a delicious berry jam, to give them a slightly more halloween-ie twist! The berry jam itself is actually a pretty special one, as it’s made from mixed berries, chia seeds, a little natural sweetener and elderberry Imunostrength syrup for an extra boost! This is one of the best sellers in store during this time of year, so we thought it would be a great idea to experiment with adding it into to recipes- see overnight oats recipe here. 

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Turmeric & pumpkin curry

During the Autumn and Winter months, I feel that it’s the perfect time to enjoy lots of delicious, warming and comforting meals like curries, stews and soups. These are all amazing dishes to jam pack full with nutritious and wholesome ingredients and can also be incredibly easy quick and straight forward to put together. Using seasonal fruits and vegetables is a great way to make the most of the produce available and can also help to make healthy eating that little bit more affordable. Pumpkins have just started to filter into supermarkets at the moment and are really affordable to buy, so are a great buy! They’re also really versatile; there are literally countless different recipes and dishes that you can cook with pumpkin.

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Dairy free strawberry ice-cream stuffed cookies

There are often those times after dinner, when you might find yourself with a little hankering for something sweet. Well, we might have just the thing for you! Raw, dairy free strawberry ice-cream stuffed cookies! These delicious little treats are a bite-sized raw oat and date cookie filled with a homemade strawberry and banana ice cream.. and what’s more, you won’t even need to use an ice-cream maker, so you can whip these up in virtually no time at all! 

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Grain free coconut & quinoa granola

Fortunately for us, there is now a great selection of healthy breakfast cereals on the market to choose from, but I still love to get in the kitchen and prep my own batches of granola when I have time. For me, nothing beats the smell of home baking when you walk into the house and this just makes the whole kitchen smell absolutely incredible. The sweet aromas of the coconut are just heavenly!

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