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Have you found that during lockdown you have put on a few pounds, maybe doing less exercise, not able to keep to the same routine you had previously? Or for other reasons such as menopause when it can often get harder to shift weight?

Then you might consider using Coyne Health’s Berberine. This has been reported to offer similar results that people get from intermittent fasting, without having to do the hard work. Such as helping to lose excess body fat, as well as anti-aging benefits, helping to rebalance blood sugar levels and detoxing at the same time.

It works on metabolic issues, helping to bring them in to line, such as cholesterol or weight loss. It also has anti microbial properties to potentially improve gut health.

Berberine is the only spice to activate your metabolic switch that is only switched on with exercise , calorie restriction and Intermittent fasting – all the hard work stuff.