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Review: Clean Chlorella by Pukka *UPDATED*

I have heard lots of great things about Chlorella, and being one of our ever popular products with our customers, I thought I would give it a go! It is an organic nutrient-rich freshwater plant and is said to be one of the most nutritionally dense foods in the world.

POSITIVES – Clean Chlorella supports the body’s ability to deal with the everyday demands and cope better with our polluted environment. We have had so much feedback from our customers who take Chlorella that they feel more energised, while others use it as part of a larger cleanse.

NEGATIVES – Now these are few and far between with our customers as they generally buy it again and again however Dr Google tells me that side effects can include flatulence, green stools and headaches. Let’s see what happens!

This review is completely independent of Pukka, and the team here at Inside Out Health – it is purely my thoughts and findings. I purchased the Clean Chlorella in store (£13.95 for 150 tablets) and quickly got to grips with taking these tablets with every meal.

You can find Pukka’s Clean Chlorella here on our webshop.

DAY ONE  I have started with 2 tablets before breakfast, and two with my evening dinner. The directions are to take 2-4 a day to start, then up it to 6 per day. Then there is a jump to ‘optimum’ use of 6 tablets, 3 times a day – now that is a lot of tablets but let’s see how the first few days go.

DAY SIX  The first week has been great – so far no naughty side effects and I am feeling pretty energised. I am now taking 3 tablets each time I eat.  The biggest change for me as been my sugar cravings which have all but disappeared. I love love love a sweet treat but I haven’t even thought about it this week at all. Good times!

DAY NINE  BIG NEWS! I have lost weight, now that is something unexpected. I think where the Chlorella has regulated my appetite and reduced sweet cravings I am simply not eating over what my body needs. Still no sweet cravings and digestive system working perfectly. 

DAY TWELVE I am always keen to get the maximum benefit out of anything new that I try, so after the joy of my last update I decided to increase my tablet intake to 6 tablets, 3 times a day. I was OK at first, but got whacked with a huge headache quite soon and just didn’t feel right at all. From today I have reduced my intake to 4 tablets with each meal instead. Note to self: Must Be Sensible With Supplements. Just because you take more, doesn’t mean the effect will increase. I know from working with the team here in store that your body has to get used these new things.

DAY SIXTEEN and last day of this pot of Chlorella. Am feeling really good again now after reducing my intake to 4 tablets with each meal. This is definitely MY optimum, and as with all natural supplements or anything for that matter you have to find that right point that works for you. Have weighed in at another loss, now down another pound so really pleased with that. 

DAY 21 (ISH) and I promise my very last upload!

Three weeks in and have found my ‘optimum’ – have continued to lose weight (another pound down) and feeling less paunchy and more shapely. Realised today that I haven’t had any headaches at all recently, which is great! And my lovely colleague said my skin is quite glowy too. 

Final thoughts....

I have definitely been converted to a Chlorella fan. I have felt great since taking, and other than the blip in the middle have felt clear headed, energised and far less bloated than usual.

Taking four tablets with each meal isn’t a bother, they can live on the side (not in the fridge) and I have taken the pot with me when eating out. No hassle at all. I haven’t had any bad side effects and of course have had the added benefit of lowing a little weight so am feeling rather svelte too.

I will definitely continue taking it. The pot of 150 tablets hasn’t lasted long at all, so I am pleased to see that Pukka also have a 400 tablet version which is better value, so I will make sure we get that in store available to buy.