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Now we’re approaching the winter months, it’s a good time to support your immune system to keep you strong when sore throats, coughs and colds come along. We’ve already seen a lot of customers coming in with winter bugs, so with that in mind we’re offering everyone a FREE 15 minute Winter Wellness Check In, to help our customers stay healthy through the winter.If you’re currently fit and well, don’t wait until you come down with something, still book in and support your immune system now! Prevention is better than cure!

You can book in when you’re next in store or call the shop on 01737 223499.
In 15 minutes we can give you some on the spot advice that’s personal to your health. If, however, more in depth advice is needed, we may suggest you come back to see one of the team for a Nutritional Therapy consultation.

Reasons to support your immune system:

To get you started, try and include these foods in to your diet: