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Organic food and drink

We stock an incredible range of wholefood products for a healthy diet, including vegan options and gluten- and dairy-free food. Whether you need a snack or a bulk purchase, come and see us!

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With our extensive range of practitioner-level supplements, our team of qualified nutritional therapists will make sure you find exactly what you and your family need.

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Natural Bodycare

Our skincare products and cosmetics use natural ingredients to help you look – and feel – at your best every day.

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Household products

When you’ve finished eating our food, we’ve got outstanding eco-friendly products to help you clean up your kitchen.

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Nutritional therapy

From friendly over-the-counter advice to an in-depth private consultation with a nutritional therapist, our expert team will help you plan the diet to meet your lifestyle goals.

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Workshops and talks

If you want great tips and advice for healthy living and eating, come and see us. Our regular evening talks, demonstrations, tastings and workshops cover everything from the benefits of green juices to chocolate-making. Just watch or join in…

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