If you ever wondered who the bunch of people are behind Inside Out Health, read on. These motivated and caring guys are the heart of our community health food store.

Bea, Nutritional Therapist

Bea is a source of knowledge who always wants to help people, an ever kind and a careful listener. A creative cook who is the master of smuggling healthy ingredients into every family meal. 🙂

Claire, Shop Manager

Claire is our intuitive, all-knowing industry expert (there are no products that she doesn’t know! :-)) With wealth of expertise – especially when it comes to structural questions of the body – Claire is a salsa teacher, tennis player and ukulele player with a huge love for her cat and all of nature’s wonders.

Alison, Nutritional Therapist

Alison is our longest standing employee with a fantastic knowledge. Talking to her you feel like you could listen to her for hours. Never shy even in front of an audience, she always excels. Alison is very artistic, and can draw fantastic birds and lions.

Tanya, Resident Foodie

Tanya is our softly spoken teacher lady and resident cooking enthusiast, full of jokes and laughter and her cooking is second to none. She is a dog lover and loves nature and its beauties.


Despite his young age, Dan has a great knowledge about the shop and its products, systems and operations. He still drops in on us occasionally and makes a special guest appearance.

Claire from Pukka

Claire joined Pukka Herbs in February 2018 as she believed so greatly in Organic products and the contribution of 1% for the planet that the company makes every year! She went on her own journey of meditation as it was used to begin every meeting and helps her to find balance at work while being a mum to 3 children.

Adam from Terra Nova

Ayurvedic Consultant Adam joins us regularly – and is a font of knowledge in all things botanical, herbal and nutrition! A true ‘people person’….Adam brings a dash of style and a big ray of sunshine to Reigate.

Kate, Business Owner AKA The Boss

Despite having a business to run and operate on her shoulders, Kate would rather make sure that each customer is supported the best possible and safest way, rather than simply sell them something/anything and she knows nearly every customer by their name. She enjoys bird watching and is a big fan of BBC Springwatch and Chris Packham.

Gill, Nutritional Therapist

Gill may be quietly spoken but she offers great advice and has an easy way of explaining products and their benefits to the team and our customers. A keen gardener, organic vegetable grower and boots collector! Her banana bread is out of this world!

Lucia, Business Development/DIY

Lucia is our master of all trades, social media and marketing guru who doesn’t know the word impossible. If you are lost just ask Lucia, she will fix everything and anything. Lover of all animals and nature, Lucia also loves to sing and get creative with arts, crafts and diy!

Abbie, Nutritional Therapist

Abbie is a huge wealth of knowledge. She is never short of care and going to any length to find out the best possible support. Well spoken but also funny and is ‘down with the kids’. No research paper is too technical for Abbie to understand so rest assured she will always know what to do.