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Body Composition Analysis

Healthy weight, the healthy way!

The word ‘diet’ has become synonymous with weight loss, but the term actually covers a myriad of areas – what we eat, how we eat it, where it is grown, our lifestyle and a whole bundle of other things.

Whether you feel you want to increase your body weight, maintain or reduce it we have some resources that will help support you.

Firstly….Have a clear goal in mind before you make any changes. What will you need to do to get to your goal? Breaking your journey down into smaller chunks will help you stick to the changes you will be making, and also be a more manageable task.


Secondly….know exactly what you are starting with. A Body Composition Analysis will give you a precise measurement of body weight, fat mass, muscle and water %. 

Our high-spec Tanita machine gives you detailed breakdown of what is making up your overall weight and your metabolic age. The weigh-in and analysis takes just a few minutes, and you receive a printout of your data. You can book yours for £10 using the form below.

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