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This delicious homemade crumble is Alison’s favourite winter pudding recipe and is the perfect comforting dish for cold winter days. Serve hot or cold with coconut yoghurt for a healthy treat or try with creamy Oatly Creme Fraiche, Booja-Booja Vanilla ice-cream or Double Cream from the Coconut Collaborative. 

All ingredients available in store – just add your own apples!

Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan (avoiding honey)



4 cooking apples

Frozen blackberries

Granola (home-made or shop brought –choose a low sugar granola, ideally no dried fruit) – grind it up in a blender until crumb like (or keep it whole)

Coconut yoghurt -natural or vanilla flavour (or any yoghurt you like)

Optional – raw honey or cinnamon 


• Take a large handful of blackberries out of freezer and leave in a bowl on side to defrost 

• Peel and slice apples and cook gently in a little water in saucepan – about 10-15mins 

• Add the blackberries near the end and heat through with the apple until all piping hot 

• Add blackberry and apple mixture to a bowl 

• Add granola as a ‘crumble’ topping 

• Optional – drizzle honey over the top (or use cinnamon) 

• Add a dollop of yoghurt


  • I use homemade granola which is sugar free so adding cinnamon or a drizzle of honey is nice, especially for the children! However, if you’re using shop-bought granola that will probably be sweet enough without honey .
  • Make stewed apple well in advance and keep some in fridge (or freezer) then you only need to re-heat it with blackberries and add the granola topping and yoghurt for quick pudding any day of the week.