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This is the time of year when most us of us would want to be supporting our immune system anyway, but obviously in the current climate it’s even more key and even more on people’s minds.

So this month we thought you’d be interested to know what we’re all taking, here in the shop! Just like everything else with nutrition, it’s personal; an individual approach, not a ‘one size fits all’, although there are key nutrients that we all need for our immune system to function well and you’ll notice everyone takes vitamin D!

So this is what the team at IOH are all taking at the moment, for themselves and their families:

Nutritional Therapists Abbie and Joanna both make sure they include Vitamin D and Vitamin C for themselves and their families. Abbie also adds in Zinc, whereas Joanna is a fan of elderberry syrup for her whole family (her girls like it!).

Our Shop Manager Claire tops up her multivitamin with extra Vitamin D, Vitamin C and some Zinc. “I up the level of zinc particularly if I feel that I am coming down with something.  Additionally my cupboard has a good stash of echinacea, andrographis and a herbal tincture for coughs, which I might use depending on what is coming on” , she adds.

Nutritional Therapists Bea and Gill both include Vitamin D and Vitamin C in their day. At the first signs of something Gill adds in a combination formula containing a range of herbs and nutrients and an echinacea throat spray. Gill says “I also like to take zinc and quercetin (because quercetin contains polyphenols which help increase levels of zinc in the cell, which blocks viral reproduction)”.

Resident Foodie Tanya, and Marketing Manager Lucia are fans of zinc and elderberry syrup. Lucia also takes a vegan Vitamin D supplement and adds in the herb Andrographis at the first sign of anything tickly or sniffly.

Kate, owner here at Inside Out Health, takes Vitamin D, elderberry syrup and Vitamin C. She says “I like Vitamin C powder as it’s easy to take and makes me drink more fluid. I also like to add in echinacea at the first sign of rumblings and will take that a few times over a day with the powder Vit C to stop bugs in their tracks which seems to work for me”. Kate gives her sons (one at Uni and one post Uni) – an all in one combination formula (makes it easy for them!) containing Vit C, D Zinc and beta glucans.

As for me, I take a multi-vitamin with Vitamin D, C and Zinc in, plus extra Vitamin D and C. I usually add in echinacea at the first sign of something. I’m giving my teenage daughter – Vitamin D drops and elderberry syrup (as she finds it difficult to swallow tablets) and also Vitamin C (I open up the capsule and sprinkle it on yoghurt). My teenage son – an all in one combination formula (so much easier for him to remember!) with Zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, elderberry and beta glucans in.

Basically there are a lot of nutrients and herbs/ botanicals that can be taken to support the immune system but what you choose can depend on what else you’re taking (e.g. if you are already taking a multi-vitamin, or if you’re on any medication) and also what your diet and lifestyle is like.

However that’s where we at Inside Out Health can help. So pop in, call or email, or book in for a FREE 15 minute health chat and we can help you find the right product for you.

Remember we are here for you this winter and want to help you support your health. So always feel free to talk to us.