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Viridian Electrolyte Fix 100ml

Viridian Electrolyte Fix 100ml




Refuel your liquids with Viridian Electrolyte Fix. A vegan blend of natural minerals and electrolytes which turns water or any beverage into an electrolyte-fuelled drink to help you stay fresh. Sourced from the Great Salt Lake in Utah, USA. 100% active ingredients formulated by expert nutritionists.


1/2 Teaspoon Weight NRV
This product is comprised of a blend of naturally occurring brine from the Great Salt Lake containing sodium, magnesium, chloride and potassium as well as a vast array of other trace and ultra trace elements.
Chloride 398mg 50
Magnesium 46mg 12
Sodium 127mg
Potassium 132mg 7
Sports Electrolyte Fix contains Salt Lake mineral concentrates with natural trace minerals and purified water. The electrolyes are present in an ionic form.


As a food supplement, for adults, take 2.5ml (half a teaspoon) to 10ml (two teaspoons) daily as required. For children 8-14, take 2.5ml daily. Dilute in one litre of water, juice or other cold beverage for an electrolyte boost. Up to 2.5ml daily can be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Do not exceed stated dose unless recommended by your healthcare practitioner. Store in a cool dry place, out of the sight and reach of children. This is a food supplement, not to be used as a substitute for a varied diet and lifestyle.