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Planet Paleo Keto Collagen & C8 MCT Powder 220g

Planet Paleo Keto Collagen & C8 MCT Powder 220g



Supercharge your day with this MCT-enhanced, creamy collagen powder, powered by caprylic acid Medium Chain Triglycerides: the ultimate MCT for ketone production. Add this neutrally flavoured powder to coffees or shakes.

Collagen is a highly bioavailable protein source. Protein supports muscle and bone maintenance. It’s a great source of specific amino acids lacking in standard diets.

Ingredients & directions

  • 7g grass fed collagen per serving
  • Great creamer in coffee
  • Brain and metabolism boost
  • C8 is the most ketogenic MCT
How to use

Take one 10g serving (approx 6.5 x 5ml level tsps) to 250ml of a hot drink of your choice, or add to smoothies and recipes for a ketogenic boost.

Use 1-2 servings per day.