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Planet Paleo Matcha Latte – Collagen Hottie 225g

Planet Paleo Matcha Latte – Collagen Hottie 225g



Kick-start your routine with a delicious Matcha Latte. Harness all the benefits of organic premium-grade matcha and clean grass-fed collagen in a creamy latte with coconut milk and a hint of spice to revive, uplift and take on the day.

Take time out to enjoy this comforting, protein-packed collagen drink, rich in amino acids, with Matcha green tea for additional antioxidants.

Ingredients & directions

  • 5g grass fed collagen per serving
  • Great source of antioxidants and amino acids
  • A feel-good morning pick me up, or to beat the afternoon slump
  • Perfect for work and study
How to use

Take one 9g serving (Approx 4.5 x 5ml level tsps) in 200ml of hot water or add to heated milk for extra deliciousness. Or blend with cold milk and ice for a refreshing and cooling alternative.