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What are Super Greens?

So many foods nowadays are talked about as ‘superfoods’ but what does this really mean and which greens are the ones we should be having to get that

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What is Chlorophyll?

We talk a lot about the goodness of greens and the importance of loading up mealtime plates with dark leafy veggies. These powerhouses of nutrition provide fibre and

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Why cleanse?

Christmas is gone and you might have overindulged in food and drinks, but realise that it’s not sustainable to carry on eating all day like we do at

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Puressential Purifying Air Spray

Indoor air pollutants and Covid-19 According to a South African government paper on air quality, indoor pollution levels in developing countries generally exceed the World Health Organisation’s guidelines

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Detoxing for weight loss

This article has been brought to us by Nature’s Plus, written by Lisa James When you think about the effect environmental toxins can have on health, weight gain

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