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Healthy holiday season

Whether you are heading to the beach, flying off to sunnier climes or getting set to explore your local wilderness this summer we want to make sure you have all you need to enjoy a happy, healthy summer. Sunny days inside and out If you struggle with low mood, just seeing the sunshine can be

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Travel and Holiday Tips

Travel and Holiday Tips Last year we wrote a blog on what to take during your summer holidays or on your travels, to keep you and your family healthy. So do take a look at that again to remind yourself! This summer we’re just adding a few extra tips!

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Happy, healthy holiday season!

It’s that time of year already; the summer holidays! A time to rest, relax and slow the pace down! Whether you’re going away or staying close to home this summer, here are some tips to help you have a healthy summer holiday!

Even in England it’s easy to burn and midges and mosquitos can be a nuisance, so it’s still worth being prepared for common issues like these, so you can enjoy your summer!

Remember we absorb a lot of what we put on our skin, so look for suntan lotions, lip salves, make-up and insect repellents that contain natural ingredients and do not contain harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances.

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