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We have linked below a few articles written and chosen by us that focus on male health issues. 

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Alternative Remedies

Medicinal Mushrooms with Mushrooms4Life

Mushrooms have become an increasingly popular lifestyle supplement over the last few years, but with an increasing amount of products on the market, it’s important to know what makes mushroom

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Guest Blogger

Collagen and the Paleo diet

Introducing Planet Paleo, a range of premium, grass-fed collagen and primal nutrition for the 21st century that we stock at Inside Out Health. We have a huge range in store

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Female Health

The afternoon slump

Everything is bubbling along nicely, your day is going to plan and your to-do list is getting shorter. Suddenly……BAM, you hit a wall and all you want to do is

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BioAdvanced Vital Man Capsules

NaturesPlus draws wisdom from a rich history in making pioneering and world-first nutrient and herbal formulas to bring you a bespoke product designed especially for men. Bio Advanced Vital Man contains

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Men’s Health

Regular exercise, a good diet, zero stress and eight hours sleep every night – all simple to do, right? No. Not so much.  It is impossible to have a 100%

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